Purchasing Policy

Purchasing Policy

It is the policy of Ritzville Library District #2 to solicit competition when procuring goods and services.  The objective of competition is to promote confidence in the integrity and cost effectiveness of the District’s procurements while maximizing economic benefits.  To this end, the purchasing method for most goods and services shall be based upon a triad of cost, quality, and availability.

1. Purchase Methods

Determination of the appropriate purchase method shall be based on the total cost of an individual item or group of identical items before sales tax, trade-in allowance and freight charges, not the aggregate cost of multiple, different items that might be purchased at the same time.

  1. Direct Buy

Purchases under $3,500 (excluding sales tax and freight) may be completed without soliciting competition.  The decision not to compete may be made based upon the purchaser’s experience and knowledge of the market to provide the required quality at the lowest cost.

  1. Request for Quote

Purchases between $3,500 and up to $49,000 (before sales tax and freight charges) shall be competitively solicited and documented.

  1. Competitive Sealed Bidding

A formal competitive process “Invitation for Bids” (IFB) or “Request for Proposals” (RFP) shall be used for purchases of more than $49,000.

If the Board of Trustees determines that it is in the best interests of the District, any or all quotations or bids may be rejected, new quotations or bids may be called for, or the district may enter into direct negotiations with a vendor to obtain the most favorable purchase terms.

2. Special Types of Purchases

  1. Architectural and Engineering Services

Procurement of architectural and engineering services shall follow the requirements of RCW 39.80.

  1. Public Works Projects

For public works projects, as defined and governed by the Revised Code of Washington, the competitive sealed bid threshold shall be $49,000.  Administration of such projects shall comply with the state’s prevailing wage laws and regulations and provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act, if federally funded.

  1. Real Estate

Real estate purchases shall be privately negotiated and then approved by the Board of Trustees.

  1. Commercial Services

Contracts for commercial services (such as maintenance) may be renewed for up to four years beyond the initial one-year term before new price quotations or bids are solicited

3. Purchases Exempt from Competition

  1. Goods and services that meet an emergency requirement
  2. Purchases that are clearly and legitimately limited to a single source of supply
  3. Utilities
  4. Postage and postal services
  5. Insurance
  6. Original equipment manufacturer repair services
  7. Professional licenses and memberships
  8. Library materials
  9. Miscellaneous fees
  10. Conferences and seminars
  11. Repair or replacement of rental equipment
  12. Personal services
  13. Legal and promotional advertising
  14. Printing
  15. Purchases through the State of Washington or political subdivision purchasing contracts or from established governmental price schedules that offer favorable pricing terms

4. Purchase Contracts

Contracts for the purchase of goods and services or for public works projects in excess of $49,000 shall be awarded by the Board of Trustees at a regular or special meeting and executed by the Director on behalf of the Board.  All other formal written purchase contracts for which funds have been budgeted shall be approved and executed by the Director.

5. Purchasing and Vendor Payment Processing

  1. Purchase Orders

Purchases will normally be made through a purchase order system.  All invoices shall be processed in a timely manner, with discounts for prompt payment being utilized when appropriate.

  1. Credit Cards

As permitted by RCW 43.09.2855, the District may contract to establish a credit card account with a credit limit not to exceed $50,000.  All credit invoices shall be paid in their entirety to avoid incurring finance charges.

6. Grants

For all grants, either federal, state, or privately funded, the District shall ensure that the related purchase activity will be in accordance with the applicable rules, regulations, and any other terms and conditions contained within the grant award.

Adopted: 8/21/13

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