Employment Opportunities

Position Description

Position Title: Director

Annual Salary Range:  $48,000-$58,000


Position Summary: The Library Director is responsible for all library services provided by Ritzville Library District #2 and for the facilities, staff and other resources used to provide these services.  The Director will plan, organize and implement services that reflect the District’s overall missions and strategic plan.  The Director will manage the Library’s collection and circulation, building and grounds, staff, programs and administrative duties, including: budget development, payment of bills, staff salaries and all contracts needed to service the Library.  They will carry out the Board of Trustee policy and administer the operation of the Ritzville Library District #2.


Application Process:  Only applicants able to meet the minimum requirements will be considered.  An applicant must submit a letter of interest, resume, and include at least three professional references to:

Joy Neal, PHR at libraryapplicants@gmail.com


Position closes June 30, 2022


Responsibilities/Essential Functions of the Position:


  1. Work together with, and under the direction of the Ritzville Library District #2 Board of Trustees including: attend Board meetings, suggest agenda items, assist in the recruitment of qualified trustees and serve as the Board’s liaison with the County Commissioners, staff, Friends of the Library, Library Foundation, community members, and others.
  2. Implement policies established by the Board of Trustees.  Develop and recommend policies and policy revisions to the Board of Trustees.  Interpret and communicate those policies to library staff and the community.
  3. Advise the Board in Strategic Planning, development of the library’s mission, roles, goals and objectives by analyzing, researching, developing and recommending the services, technologies and facilities which are most responsive to community needs and desires.
  4. Develop and recommend an annual budget and/or budget revisions to the Board of Trustees; effectively administer all Board approved budgets.
  5. Administer all district operations.  Manage available resources and funds in a manner that will most effectively and efficiently achieve the District’s mission, values and strategic plan, goals and objectives.  This might include exploring grants, partnerships or alternate sources of revenue.
  6. Maintain effective working relationships with the Board of Trustees, Library staff, Friends of Whitman County Library, town and city governments and Whitman County Commissioners.
  7. The Friends of the Library and the Ritzville Library Foundation are close partners in library advocacy, funding and volunteer efforts.  Support the group by attending meetings, suggesting agenda items and projects for funding, setting goals, expanding individual memberships and business support through community relationships.  Assist in fundraising strategies and/or efforts.
  8. Participate in the activities of relevant professional library organizations including Washington Library Association and The American Library Association.  Encourage and foster valuable partnerships with other libraries or library organizations including Washington State Library (WSL), Public Libraries of Washington (PLOW), Inland Northwest Council of Libraries (INCOL).
  9. Independently, and through subordinate staff, select, develop, motivate, and evaluate District staff.  Adhere to all legal and ethical practices, including disciplinary or termination actions.  Seek guidance or legal assistance from outside resources and/or approval from the Library Board when appropriate.
  10. Address issues with patrons who display difficult behaviors, not limited to, but including mental health or substance abuse issues.  Refer issues to the Library Board or local law enforcement as appropriate.  Ensure that patron service issues are resolved in a timely and courteous manner, interpreting Ritzville Library District #2 policies as necessary.
  11. Because of limited staff and funding, Ritzville Library District #2’s director has generally played a role in direct library operations, be it program and library marketing, reference and circulation, acquisitions, or cataloging for example.
  12. Plan, organize, direct and evaluate library programs and services in a manner that meet’s the District’s mission, goals and objects and analyze and set priorities for service and program needs.
  13. Serve as a liaison between the Ritzville Library District #2 and the community it serves, developing positive relationships with civic and community organizations, the Library Foundation and elected and appointed officials.  Interact with staff, peers and members of the public in a professional and respectful manner.
  14. Perform other duties as may be directed by the Board of Trustees.


Required Qualifications:


  1. Master’s degree in library and information science from an accredited graduate library program and certification by the Washington State Board for Certification of Librarian, or;

A combination of education and experience which demonstrates the ability to successfully meet the requirements of the position may be considered, as will pending graduation from an accredited program and/or librarian certification.

  1. Knowledge of professional library principles, practices, and procedures.
  2. At least two years management experience.
  3. Knowledge of current trends in library service.  Ability to assess community service needs, evaluate existing services, prioritize and plan for future services.
  4. Ability to analyze and forecast funding, prioritize needs, prepare and administer budgets.  Ability to write grants and raise funds creatively.
  5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills; prompt attention and response to emails, phone calls, and all communications.
  6. Leadership and human resource skills; including the selection, development, motivation and evaluation of staff.
  7. Collaborative skills, including strategic partnerships, community coalitions, and fostering positive relationships (especially in rural settings).
  8. Technology skills including social media, software platforms and library related technologies.
  9. Adaptability.  Able to perform many different functions essential to the task or work.  Able to creatively problem solve within the library and community.
  10. Valid Driver’s License.
  11. Proof of United States citizenship or is an authorized alien authorized to work in the United States.


Working Conditions:


  1. Normal office and library environment.
  2. Schedule can include occasional nights and weekend as needed.


Physical and Mental Requirements:


  1. Ability to hear and speak with customers, staff and telephone callers.
  2. Ability to sit for extended periods.
  3. Ability to use a keyboard and to view computer monitors for extended periods.
  4. Ability to drive to locations inside and outside of the District.  Ability to fly on commercial airlines for library business.
  5. Ability to lift and carry at least 40lbs and to stand for extended periods.
  6. Ability to solve problems, including interpretation, setting priorities, and managing detail and multiple demands.
  7. Ability to work under medium to high levels of stress.
  8. High tolerance for multiple interruptions.
  9. Ability to cooperate and get along with a variety of people.





*Ritzville Library District #2 is the legal name of the District.  It is DBA as East Adams Library District

Made possible with funding from the Institute of Museum and Library Services through the Washington State Library, Office of the Secretary of State.